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A hand sliding over a smooth stone benchtop. A row of fragrant potted herbs sitting in a windowsill. A drawer sliding back into place without a sound. Appliances hidden from sight within bespoke kitchen cabinets.

There are many ways a kitchen can bring joy to everyday living. Made well, a kitchen becomes a favourite room. Tux Lux helps homeowners across Melbourne and Mount Martha design and create stunning bespoke kitchens through thoughtful design, high quality materials, and an unshakeable dedication to a gorgeous result. Call us on 1800 TUX LUX to learn more.

The luxury of a quality kitchen

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. It’s where conversations are had after work and school. It’s where food is made with care and enjoyed wholeheartedly. It’s where parties somehow always seem to drift towards for muted conversations over glasses of wine.

A cramped and cluttered kitchen discourages creative cooking. A spacious and well-planned kitchen beckons you to cook. It gives the imagination place to roam and gives the opportunity for greater home-grown culinary experiences.

For the handy homeowners who wants to take on more of the job themselves to save on expenses, we also offer extensive DIY solutions from whole quality kitchens to kitchen cabinets.

Our bespoke kitchens

No two homes are the same. Nor should their kitchens be. We work closely with our customers from first consultation to the last polish of the stone tabletop to ensure that you get to-die-for results. We make sure to consider your favourite aspects of kitchens in the early planning phases, to make sure that they’re accentuated in your finished result.

If you love copious bench space, we can fit your kitchen with a spacious island. If you like a natural touch, we can provide you with stunning wooden cabinets laid with Dekton stone benchtops.

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Across all styles, and kitchen sizes, we help homeowners in Mount Martha and across the region get the bespoke kitchens they dream of. Not only does it ensure you’ll have a kitchen you’ll love for years to come, but it’ll also grow the value of your home.

Don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 TUX LUX or send an email to Alternatively, feel free to visit our Mornington store anytime for a browse and a chat!

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Tux Lux is one of the leading kitchen renovation companies on the Mornington Peninsula. We strive for beautiful finishes. On time. On budget. Enquire today about our services!

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